Selected Publications

With the National Academies Board on Energy and Environmental Systems

Beyond A Single Stimulus: How to Leverage the Federal Government to Advance Clean Energy Innovation

Brent R. Heard, Michaela Kerxhalli-Kleinfield, and K. John Holmes
iScience (2022)

The Future of Electric Power in the United States.

Study Co-Director.  National Academies Press, 2021.

Academic Publications

The Future of Food: Environmental Lessons from E-Commerce

Isabella M. Gee, Brent R. Heard, Michael E. Webber,  Shelie A. Miller. Environmental Science & Technology. (2020)

Comparison of Life Cycle Environmental Impacts from Meal Kits and Grocery Store Meals

Brent R. Heard, Mayur Bandekar, Benjamin Vassar, Shelie A. Miller
Resources, Conservation and Recycling (2019)
Covered by NPR, TIMEThe Guardian, ForbesPopular Science, and Earther (Gizmodo), among other sites

Sustainability Implications of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles for the Food Supply Chain

Brent R. Heard, Morteza Taiebat, Ming Xu, Shelie A. Miller
Resources, Conservation and Recycling (2018)

Critical Research Needed to Examine the Environmental Impacts of Expanded Refrigeration on the Food System

Brent R. Heard, Shelie A. Miller
Environmental Science & Technology (2016)

The Environmental Impact of Autonomous Vehicles Depends on Adoption Patterns

Shelie A. Miller, Brent R. Heard
Environmental Science & Technology (2016)